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Scout Camp 2016                                                                          August 2016

By Our Undercover Correspondent (Freddie)


A warts and all account of the Scouts' summer trip to Yorkshire




On Saturday 23rd of July the Scouts were dropped off at the Hut. Our parents ran off almost as quickly as they had arrived — surely they weren't happy to be rid of us for a week. Of course without any electrical items (banned on camp) there wasn’t much to do on the slow journey apart from talk, sleep, eat sweets or read. When we finally arrived at Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre in Chapletown in South Yorkshire. The thought of putting up tents and getting unpacked was not particularly attractive but we got on with it anyway. Oliver and Freddie made dinner and then everyone was happy to acquaint themselves with their sleeping bags after a long day.



The theme of the camp this year was a backpacking trip around the world. The first country we ‘visited’ was Italy.  For breakfast we had croissants (I know, I know) and doughnuts (again not really Italian but hey). Of course we had some campsite activities and that day’s was grass sledging. Just imagine a snow sledge on wheels and with your child wearing a helmet then there you have it - oh and don’t forget the slope. Freddie being the oldest got the record for the longest distance in a single push by Baloo of thirty five metres. For lunch was pizza (now thats more Italian) and each scout chose their own toppings and each one was put in the oven to cook. Finlay did’t like the cheese but we all ate them heartily. The rest of the day was led by a 5 mile hike where despite losing track of where we were going (thanks Max) although at least we eventually found the right route. That evening we did some passionate talking around the camp fire. Sophie’s subject of Paula Abdul (who even is she?) became the rib tickler for the camp.



As with most most Monday mornings the scouts rose a little later than normal (As most parents know waking a child on a Monday morning is an endeavour). That day was Scotland and boy was it a day to have (now) some of my least favourite food. For breakfast was Scotch pancakes. We then went Air rifle shooting and all thought we did quite well. For lunch we had Potato scones and apart from Sophie everyone agreed that these tasted even worse than they sounded. That afternoon we played plate golf which involved throwing plastic plates at trees Ollie was surprisingly good, at throwing his plate at the wrong tree. For dinner we had Salmon with Bacon.



Tuesday was Australia and that morning we did Aussie rules football and an obstacle course which Freddie (being the biggest) struggled to complete because certain challenges, such as going through tyres, really needed a smaller person. For dinner was a huge ‘barbie’ including chips and onion rings steak and sausages (either overcooked or undercooked your choice). Most of the scouts didn’t want their steak because it was rather chewy so poor Freddie had to eat it all.



Today we went to England so for breakfast we had the full english. Then went into a coal mining museum. Then after a lunch of sandwiches we went to do everyones favourite activity the ‘CUBE’ a 3 storey 3D maze. But of course Sophie and George were scared of the dark so they grabbed hold of any limbs they could find and held on tight even if the owner wanted them back. It was still fun nonetheless (for those of us who were smaller and less scared of the dark of us I mean). For dinner we had Roast chicken with burnt potatoes and raw vegetables. Sadly Alexander had all the gravy meaning there was none left for the rest of us. 



Because we only had four activities there wasn't much to do on Thursday. We did ‘go’ India and it rained all day so must have been the monsoon season.  We stayed in our tents for much of the day. For lunch we had some pretty weird meat biscuits which we all thought tasted like dog treats and then for dinner we had, as you can imagine, curry.



On this day we were in the USA and also going on a 1.5 hour bus journey to Grimsby (which wasn’t very much like Florida).  We wandered around and bought sweets and ice cream. After lunch we went to the ‘beach’ it was ok apart from the fact that it was cold and it was raining. We also discovered that the North Sea is very cold. On the way back Richard bought everyone some tasty fish and chips and, despite this, everyone apart form the girls still had enough room to have hot dogs for dinner when we got back. Ooh and don’t forget the showers (better then the ones at home probably).



As slowly as we unpacked we packed but because of the tents being wet from and overnight downpour we didn’t leave till 12pm. However Pippa continued to be unable to eat. But when they finally made it home it was all worth it. We’d all had a great time.

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