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Scout Camp 2017                                                                          August 2017


By Max,  our Special Correspondent 



This year Scout camp took place in Dorset and we were lucky enough to only have heavy rain once so we got to do a lot of outdoor activities. However, it was very windy a couple of times and the first time half the mess tent came out of the ground! Luckily, we pegged it down as later in the week the winds were even stronger so without the pegs it would have blown away. That would have been a lot of entertainment chasing the tent around the field!


Everyone enjoyed the activities we did which were Air Rifle Shooting, Archery, Kayaking, Rafting and Bridging. We really enjoyed Bridging where we had to build a structure to get from one side of a ditch about 15m long to the other side. Rafting was really fun as well, as when we were on the water one of the ropes on the raft we built came off and the raft fell apart leading to everyone falling into the lake including me doing the splits when trying to stay on. It hurt! 


We did three trips out which were most enjoyable. The first was going to the beach which we do every Summer Camp. There we swam in the sea, ate ice cream and relaxed. On the Wednesday, it was pouring with rain so we decided to visit the tank museum. This was really interesting seeing the types of tanks that have been used and how they differ. There was also a show where we saw them in action which was really cool. This wasn't a one off as last year in Yorkshire we visited a coal mine and were able to go into the mine and look around (and take some coal home!). The third trip we did was to Brownsea Island. This was the perfect ending to Camp as it is where the first Scout Camp happened in 1907 run by Lord Baden Powell. We did an Orienteering trail there which took us around the island and we saw lots of different places which were very interesting. When we were eating lunch we even had about ten peacocks eating the food around our feet which had been dropped.


I found this Scout Camp really interesting and would really recommend joining as you could learn lots of new things from cooking, as you cook your meals which is really fun, to lighting fires to map reading. 

Max  (Scout at the 9th)

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