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Scouts Go Flying                                                                             May 2018


Alison Holton Assistant Group Scout Leader



The Scouts recently enjoyed the thrill of flying in a light aircraft at White Waltham airfield.  For some it was the first time they had ever flown. Even for those that had, it was certainly nothing like flying in an average holiday airliner!  First, the Scouts were given a tour of the hangar and then, one by one, were matched up with their personal pilot.  After being strapped in, the light aircraft taxied to end of the runway and then they were off, marvelling in the magnificent aerial views of Berkshire on a glorious summer evening.


Thank you Mike Clews and your fellow pilots for enabling the Scouts to go up and enjoy an experience they'll never forget. Some of the older scouts were even allowed to take the controls for a moment.

Afterwards, Simon gave us a full tour of some of the amazing stunt mock-up planes, helicopters and cabins used in many a film including Mission Impossible, the Bourne series and The Night Manager.  These were all (a little bit anyway) filmed at, or using planes from, this historic airfield.  


Thanks to all involved for a truly memorable evening.

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